Welcome to Tecwi Engineering

We Provide Engineering and Outsourcing Services
For Swiss Companies And Startups

- We own and develop several outsourcing projects on Swiss market - mydevs.ch and qapool.ch
- Custom web and mobile development.
- Invest in several B2B solutions for UK, France, USA, Australia and Swiss markets - barberly.com

Products And Services

Bright and modern, cloud based digitalization for barbershops. From starters to enterprise level.

Manage Barbers, Locations, Schedule, Services, Products...
Bookings and integrations with web and mobile
iOS, Android and Web applications for your customers
Booking system

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Add C#, .Net and Angular, Vue, React developers to your in-house development team:
Our developers work remotely full-time from offices in Europe
All developers are fully dedicated and work as a part of your team
We provide 1 month satisfaction guarantee for each developer
We are Microsoft Gold Partner and deeply specialized on their stack + Front-End modern frameworks
All candidates passed our internal challenges and technical assignments

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We provide QA engineers for Swiss companies and startups (outsourcing and outstaffing services).

Remote QA specialists - manual testers, automation and build & release engineers, developers in test.
Short term (for release time) and long term teams starting from 1 person.
In just a few steps and without any hiring, on-boarding and infrastructural costs.

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Why Tecwi?

In Tecwi we believe that the successfull cooperation is based on understanding and sharing our Client's core culture, strategic priorities and specific needs. By listening and understanding we design and integrate our solutions better. We team up with our Client to perform vital functions at competitive rates and every skill level. Yet as outsourcing evolves, the dynamics are shifting and opportunities are expanding. Holding down costs is just one of its main benefits. We are strategically leveraging relationships with our Client to help it become not only more profitable, but also more strategic, innovative, flexible

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